• Sensorimotor
    Plasticity Lab
    Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad

About the Lab

Sensorimotor Plasticity Lab focuses on understanding behavioral characteristics and the neural basis of motor learning and memory. We study how plasticity in sensory and motor areas of the brain contributes to motor learning and memory formation. We also explore the interaction between action and perceptual processes and underlying information sharing. We use techniques like Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), Electroencephalography (EEG), peripheral nerve stimulation, and behavioral experiments to probe these questions.

News and Announcment


Mar 2024

New Joining

Riddhi Jain joins the lab as a JRF on the DST-CSRI funded


Feb 2024

Research Funding

Dr. Neeraj has recieved a grant from DBT - Neuroscience special call
to study the motor memory reconsolidation


Jan 2024

New Equipment

Lab has acquired additional 32 channel EEG electrodes and,
a Neuronavigation System for TMS

Funding Sources